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I am moving account to Pony-Power5 and my new YouTube name is still Thunderblaze45
I am moving account to Pony-Power5 and my YouTube name is still Thunderblaze45
Are you alright?
(Radiant was walking in the Everfree Forest)

Radiant: This is not as bad as mom explained. It's just a dark forest. Hehehe...

?: Help! Anypony!

Radiant: Huh? It came from over here...

?: Please... Help me...

Radiant: What happened?! Are you alright?

?: I was out hunting, and... T-this creature a-attacked me...

Radiant: Hunting? What creature?

?: I-I don't know what it w-was...

Radiant: *Sees a big scar* You're bleeding much! Don't worry, I'll help you! *Grabs leaves*

?: I-is that g-going to help?

Radiant: I don't know, but this is the only thing we have. *Covers scar with leaves*

?: Thanks... For helping me.

Radiant: Why are you in the forest? Why are you "hunting"? Why do you look so weird?

?: I can tell you later...

(3 minutes later)

?: So, uhh... What's your name?

Radiant: I'm Radiant Hope, the daughter of princess Twilight.

?: W-what?! I mean... I'm Davey, the son of...

Radiant: The son of who?

Davey: Queen Chrysalis...

Radiant: Who's Queen Chrysalis?

Davey: The queen of the changelings...

Radiant: What's a changeling?

Davey: They can do... *Changes himself to Twilight* Like this...

Radiant: Mom? Davie? Who is it?

Davey: It's Davey. Changelings can do like this. And I am the first time hunting alone now.

Radiant: Soo... You can become anypony you want?

Davey: Yes. *Changes back*

Radiant: Awesome! May I come visit you someday...?

Davey: Sorry, Radiant, but... Well, my mother and everyone else are ponie's enemies...

Radiant: Oh... But can we meet here everyday then?

Davey: O-okay!

Twilight: Radiant? Radiant?

Rainbow: Ya' looking for Radiant?

Twilight: Yes, she should be home now... Has Thunder seen her?

Thunder: Yes, I saw her this morning. She was looking at the Everfree Forest, and she said she wasn't going there...

Radiant: Oh no... Thanks, Thunder! *Runs to the forest*

Radiant: Wow! You really have a hard life...

Davey: Yes... You're lucky.

Radiant: Can't you come visit me?

Davey: My mom said that when Twilight was an unicorn, she and her friends defeated the changelings and they could not return home because they had no magic... We made our home here instead...

Radiant: She did it for good, right? She would never do such a thing!

Davey: Yes, she did. Mom was trying to take over the world.

Radiant: But-

Twilight: Radiant! Where are you?

Radiant: It's Twilight! Quick, hide!

Davey: *Hides in bushes*

Twilight: Radiant! Thank goodness you're okay...!

Radiant: Why wouldn't I... I'm just, uhh.. Sitting here!

Twilight: Let's go home... It's not safe here!

Radiant: *Thinks* See you tomorrow, Davey... He's beautiful...

Davey: *Thinks* See you, Radiant... She's beautiful...

Base by :iconskele-sans:…

Background by :iconbreadking:…
He looks... different?
Next: Coming Soon

Strawberry: Oh my gosh! Aren't you excited too, Radiant?

Radiant: Yes, of course! I'm going to have a little sister OR a brother!

Thunder: I think this baby will be a pegasus, since it makes more sense. I mean, both of your parents have wings, and one is an alicorn.

Emerald: Thunder, please. If he or she is an unicorn, it can do lots of different cool stuff with magic!

Redheart: Everything's okay. The baby is born, want to go look at him?

Strawberry: *Gasp* a boy? That's awesome!

Radiant: Mom! What does he look like?

Twilight: He's beautiful. But there's one weird thing...

Emerald: What is it, princess?

Twilight: Look.

Everyone: *Gasp*

Radiant: He looks... Kinda different than I expected...

Chaos: Why does he have a girl's body shape?

Twilight: I don't know. But I have got a name for him, that I and Flash have been thinking, if it was a girl, the name would be Radiant Star. But the baby is a boy, so his name will be-


Radiant: No, Strawberry.

Twilight: Those are all good names, but we were thinking about Silver Hope. What do you say?

Radiant: That's great! But I'm still a little bit confused... He looks like a girl.

Twilight: Yeah, but don't worry. Hey, why not have a sleepover at our castle?

Emerald: That would be really nice!

Twilight: Radiant, I have to stay in the hospital for 2 days. You are my daughter, and I want you to take care of the castle.

Radiant: No problem!

Thunder: We have to get ready. Strawberry and I can go bake some cupcakes and cookies.

Emerald: I can go get some more pillows!

Sweet: Ah need to go buck some apples on the farm. Sorry! I can get some apples.

Chaos: I and Radiant can stay in the castle and prepare some other things.

Radiant: Yes. Meet us at the castle at sunset.

Emerald: Oh, I can go get some snacks too!


Thunder: We're back with-


Thunder: Strawberry!

Strawberry: And the cake! *squee*

Emerald: I got the snacks, and six pillows. One pink for Strawberry, one purple for Radiant, one blue for Thunder, one orange for Sweet Apple, one white for me, and one yellow with brown spots for Chaos Star.

Apple: Sorry if ah was late. The other apples were busy. Aunt Applebloom is busy selling apple pies, Mom is busy making apple cider, Bic Mac is busy building a new place where the pigs will be.

Radiant: It's alright. Let's go inside.

(2 days later)

Strawberry: Gooooood morning, Radiant!

Radiant: AAH! Strawberry, you scared me!

Strawberry: Sorry! Do you know what day it is?

Radiant: Friday...?

Strawberry: No, silly! I mean, yes, it IS friday, but guess who will come home?!

Radiant: Mom and Silver... Of course!

Twilight: Hello, Radiant! Thanks for taking care of the castle.

Radiant: No problem! So... How's Silver?

Twilight: He's good.

Radiant: Good! I'll go outside. See ya later!

(In ponyville)

Radiant: Why did I say I'm going outside? I don't even know what to do! *Looks at everfree forest* Maybe if I can go just a few steps in the forest... Or maybe even more!

Thunder: Radiant! Are you going in the forest?

Radiant: Uhh, no! I'm just, uhh... Looking!

Thunder: Okay, bye!

Radiant: That was weird... *Walks in the forest*

Base by DashiePower…

Background by Soren-the-Owl…
I am moving account to Pony-Power5 and my YouTube name is still Thunderblaze45


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